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“The work Community Homeworks has done for us? We never could afford it.”

Paul and Sharon returned to Kalamazoo five years ago to be closer to family. Since then, they’ve been adjusting to the challenge many older homeowners face – figuring out how to deal with home maintenance and repair issues on a fixed income.

FullSizeRender (2)Their small home on Kalamazoo’s Eastside was built in 1915 and like all older homes, when it needs repair or maintenance, it can be a challenge. Paul and Sharon first contacted Community Homeworks in the summer of 2014 with some plumbing and electrical issues. What they didn’t expect was the care and attention that they experienced from both our office staff and the field techs and subcontractors who visited their home.

“Eric, Denny, and Jason from Budget Drain were so kind and compassionate, and they provided unbelievable skill and patience in solving our problems. Robin is amazing – she’s so easy to work with and what a coordinator. Everyone is so dedicated there.” 

Our techs are always looking for other issues homeowners might not be aware of, and also keep an eye out for homes that could really benefit from weatherization improvements. Some simple repairs and air sealing around their front door made a big difference as cold weather set in, and when we launched our special Furnace Program last fall, Paul and Sharon applied and qualified. Their new high efficiency furnace was installed in November of 2014, and the savings were immediate. “Our high bill went from $285 to $139!” according to Sharon. They are now enrolled in our whole-house weatherization program and will have the additional air-sealing and insulation completed this fall, sure to produce even more savings.

It was through the Furnace Program that Paul and Sharon first found their way to our Education workshops. Everyone who received a new furnace agreed to attend 6 education workshops as part of their participation. What have they liked about the workshops? Everything. The topics are interesting, the instructors are helpful –

“The workshops are great. Even if we can’t do the work ourselves, we know what needs to be done. It makes us more informed and confident when we have to hire someone.”

We love partnering with families to help them keep their homes safe, affordable and sustainable, and we look forward to continuing to work with Paul and Sharon!