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Status on Resuming Business

We at Community Homeworks wish we could open our doors and serve all in person as before. We miss that interaction. However, for safety reasons, we have decided not to open our office to the general public at this time. We are cautiously getting back to business to serve our community to the best of our ability during these challenging times.

Last year was particularly busy with a new partnership to provide home repairs for a project in the Northside neighborhood. That substantial effort and some delays in federal funding lead to a waiting list that kept growing. Eventually, we had to cap it off.

Now, because we still have that backlog of requests for services, we are not accepting any more new applications, most likely for the rest of this year.

Our current focus is to contact everyone who has been waiting (in order of request) and determine how best to move forward in updating paperwork and scheduling repairs.

Our Safety Measures

Rest assured, we have safety measures in place to protect our employees and those we serve. We have made sure that our subcontractors are practicing safely and that homeowners are comfortable with having work done in their homes. You can read our COVID-19 Response here.


We are only partially staffed in-office and are doing our best to return phone calls, process mail, and maintain contact with our clients and subcontractors.

We have installed a secure mail box beside our front door so you can drop off your copayments and documents. You can also mail your copayments and mail, email, or fax, your updated documents.

Education Program

We miss seeing our workshop participants. Our education coordinator has been trying to stay in touch via phone calls, emails, and texts.

She encourages you to email or text your repair questions to her. We can pass them along to our instructors who have said that they are willing to provide answers. You can also send a message via our website Contact page.

While we don’t have any workshops currently scheduled, we are exploring ways to bring them back safely.

How to Support our Community

Families in our community need your help. More than ever this year, they will be economically challenged.

Our backlog of requests demonstrates the demand for our services. At Community Homeworks, we strive to help relieve housing cost burden through affordable home repairs that affect health and safety.

We still need your financial support to continue to try and meet the demand and to take the additional precautions to do so safely. Please click the button to donate now.

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