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Painting Workshop at Van Tuinen Painting

On Saturday, March 29, a group of 9 low-income homeowners gathered at Van Tuinen Painting in Portage for a hands-on painting workshop, part of Community Homeworks’ “Renovations and Repairs” series. Materials for the class were donated by the Edison Neighborhood Association and Van Tuinen Painting. Participants learned about materials and techniques for painting interior and exterior spaces safely and effectively.


Jim Van Tuinen, owner of Van Tuinen Painting, began the class with an overview of painting techniques and materials. Topics included the type of paint to use, different kinds of brushes and rollers, and ladder safety while painting outdoors. Jim then demonstrated the techniques for painting with rollers and brushes on various surfaces, including doors and window frames donated by the Edison Neighborhood Association. Participants had the opportunity to practice painting and receive feedback from Jim.



The class was part of Community Homeworks’ education program, which teaches low-income homeowners the skills they need to save money and improve their homes. For more information and a calendar of upcoming workshops, visit the Education Program page.