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Solar Savings at CHW

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Going Green and Saving Money with Helios Solar Panels

 Since April 15, 2016 Community Homeworks has been sourcing solar energy through a partnership with Helios Solar Investments. The 45 Suniva panels are a product of Michigan, powered by Michigan sunshine, and installed by Michigan labor.

The project is an effort to “be good stewards of the environment and reduce our operating expenses so that more funding can directly serve families in the community,” said Shaun Wright, Community Homeworks Executive Director.

Wright discovered Helios when he was researching Solar panels for his own home. He says “Helios was 30-40 percent cheaper and had a better product than anyone else in the state of Michigan.”

Left to right: Sam Field, Shaun Wright, Connor Field

Left to right: Sam Field, Shaun Wright, Connor Field

Community Homeworks leases the project from Helios at essentially no out of pocket expense. Sam Field, Helios CFO, explains: “We’ve offered this to various non-profits…The simple model is that there is a federal tax incentive for solar, and a non-profit can’t take advantage of that incentive because they don’t pay tax. So in order to take advantage of that, you have to have a for profit entity that owns the system. That’s why there’s a lease. So Helios Solar Investments leases the project and thereby takes the tax credit and then passes that tax credit through to the non-profit in order to make the deal economically viable.”

Not only was the project a low-cost investment, Community Homeworks is already seeing returns. “We’ve already saved $50 in the past two weeks,” said Wright. “That’s the key with this system, especially for being a non-profit. We were able to reduce operating expenses without a large capital investment.”

Connor Field, Helios CEO, elaborates on the economic benefits: “I think this project and this type of project really demonstrates that through increases in efficiency of equipment and decreases in cost, we are to the point where solar energy is less expensive than buying energy from the grid… By installing solar it’s a savings from day one for CHW.”

The project it isn’t just an economic win. “Another main benefit of Solar is that it is clean renewable energy… This project is going to reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide emissions by about 30,000 lbs a year,” says Connor.

System Specifications:

  • 12.6 KW Array
  • 45 Panels
  • Annual average output: 15,500kWh.
  • By utilizing solar, CHW will avoid the creation of the following pollution. This material would have been emitted to generate the energy with conventional sources:
    • SO2: 148.7lbs per year
    • CO2: 33,689.3 lbs per year
    • NOx: 44.9 lbs per year
    • Nuclear Waste: 0.11 lbs per year

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