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“I realized I love to learn.”

“I had lost all my pride in this house before Community Homeworks came along and did the things that they did. The classes they had me attend gave me all the pride back into this house…it’s like I just moved into this house!”

IMG_1211Barbara’s home in the Edison Neighborhood is nearly 100 years old. Struggling to keep up with the costs of maintaining an old and inefficient house, Barbara found her way to Community Homeworks and became part of a unique pilot program launched by Community Homeworks and Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity. In addition to receiving help with much-needed repairs and whole-house weatherization, Barbara was required to enroll in 12 education workshops.

How has her life changed? Reducing energy costs and repair expenses frees up limited resources for other essentials like food, education, and medical costs. It also makes it possible to dream bigger. The knowledge and skills Barbara acquired through the workshops at CHW gave her the confidence to take on the big project of refinishing her hardwood floors all by herself. And it doesn’t end there. Barbara’s experience of translating what she learned in our workshops into real-life accomplishment made her realize she has the capacity to do even more. “I realized that I love to learn,” she says, and is beginning to work towards a degree in Business Administration at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. We can’t wait to hear more from Barbara!