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Critical Home Repair

The Critical Repair Program offers qualified homeowners affordable repair services to stabilize conditions that are a threat to health and safety. To be eligible, a family must:

  • Live in Kalamazoo County and own your own home (including purchasing through mortgage).
  • Homes that have been purchased “as-is” are not eligible for repairs. We prioritize homes based on need and available funds. We do not do any work on homes that are under a land contract.
  • Be able to pay a percentage of the cost of repair which will be based on household income level
  • Be willing to participate in the Home Maintenance and Repair Education Program
  • Have a household income at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI).
Repair & Education Programs - household number and income guidelines
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Repairs are prioritized based on greatest threat to health and safety and services are provided by Community Homeworks’ own licensed mechanical and building professionals. Repairs over $3,000 are case-managed to leverage additional funding sources.

What Repairs are Available?

Are you wondering if your repair need is something we can help you with? Remember that our repair services focus on problems that create unsafe or unstable conditions in your home. Here are some examples of the types of repairs we can do :Outlet

  • Heating system repair; some furnace replacements
  • Gas line repair
  • Limited duct work repair
  • Plumbing issues – leaks, broken faucets, toilet repairs, sewer line and drain cleaning, water heater repair/replacement, septic system pumping/repair, well repair
  • Electrical repairs – main wiring, outlets and switches only when dangerous or affecting a critical light
  • Exterior repairs – roof leaks, porch repairs (railing and floor hazards), siding repairs and eaves/soffits (only to prevent major future damage or when cited by the City)
  • Floor and stair repairs – for safety, such as rot or fall hazard
  • Window glazing (glass)
  • Window repairs and replacements – only when it presents a major security or safety risk

Our focus is always on addressing issues that directly impact health and safety in the home. Therefore, we do not provide any of the following types of services:

  • Painting of any kind, plaster or drywall repair
  • Cosmetic  or “Home improvement” projects, window replacements or landscaping
  • Energy efficiency upgrades unless part of the weatherization program
  • Main electrical service upgrades unless it poses an immediate hazard
  • Any work on garages or outbuildings

This program is offered in partnership with the City of Kalamazoo.