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Give the Gift of Heat

Please partner with us to make sure families have safe, efficient, and reliable heat this winter.

Many families struggle to afford basic necessities and accumulate savings. Finding resources to respond to a major home repair crisis can be near impossible.

Arthur’s* home required fixing a major leak and the damage it caused: mold, wood rot, insect invasion. He often escaped to a local mission when the environment was too much to bear.

Millie*, a single mother, received a new furnace and water heater and learned how to maintain them in our education program. Now a homeowner after pursuing that dream for 10 years, she is confident she can do some repairs herself.

John*, a disabled veteran, and his wife Jane* received a new boiler after going wihout heat for several years, causing John’s health to deteriorate.

Each day, we meet or speak with families like these who come to us in crisis – families who need your help.

Your gift helps ensure families are able to remain in their homes.

Your gift provides educational resources that empower families to maintain their homes.

Your gift makes a difference in our community.