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Give the Gift of Heat

Please consider partnering with us in making sure that families have safe, efficient, and reliable heat this winter. Your gift will help your neighbor stay warm this season.

This is the time of year when many of your neighbors are turning on the heat for the first time only to find out that something is not working or their ancient furnace finally gives out.

Emergency calls about cold houses will come to us all season long.

Some of the families that come to us have small children, some have health concerns, and some are elderly and alone. What they have in common, however, is that they are without resources and have nowhere else to turn.

For many low-income families, replacing a furnace is an impossible expense.

With your help, Community Homeworks can restore their heat at very little cost to the family, turning a crisis into an affordable solution.

By financially supporting our work, we can bring warmth back to the homes and hearts of our neighbors together.

And because we replace an old furnace with a high efficiency one, you are also helping a family save up to 50 percent on their utility bills. These savings can be put toward other living expenses.

Low income families spend an average of 20% of their gross income on heating costs.

Imagine spending one fifth of your paycheck each week on staying warm during the winter.  For many families, the math just doesn’t work.  We’ve known people who’ve tried to heat their homes by turning on the stove, burning scrap lumber in unsafe fireplaces, and using space heaters connected to overloaded electrical systems. These are risky options.