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Furnace “No Heat” Questions

Furnace not working? Use this check-list to see if you can resolve the issue before calling a service provider.

A little sluething on your part could save you an expensive service call.

  • Check the filter. When was it last changed? Is it dirty or damaged? If so, replace it.
  • Check the thermostat settings: make sure the setting is for heat and the temperature setting is above the current room temperature.
  • Check the thermostat batteries: replace if the display is blank or the low battery indicator is lit.
  • On the front of the furnace, is there an indicator light? Is it blinking or solid? The blinking pattern is an error code. What is the pattern (count the number of short and long blinks)? Note this code. (You can try to look up the meaning of the code on the internet.)
  • Is the furnace switched on? Check the switch on the side of the unit.
  • Is the gas supply turned on for the home and to the furnace?
  • Is electrical service working for the home and the furnace? Check the electrical breakers if no power at the furnace.
  • If all the electricals appear to be OK, check the fuse at the furnace to see if it is burnt out.
  • Outside your home, check vent ducts for blockage or ice build up and clear any obstruction.

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