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DIY Home Repairs for October

Fall is here! Get your home ready for the changing weather with a few easy steps.

  • Get your furnace ready for cold weather. Schedule an appointment to have it tuned up if you haven’t already, and stock up on furnace filters now to make sure you have enough to change them every month this fall and winter.pumpkins
  • Inventory your winter supplies. Restock the de-icer and replace broken snow shovels. Plan to get what you need before you’re buried in snow and the hardware stores are out of stock. Put together an emergency kit in case of a major snowstorm or power outage.
  • Get your yard ready for winter, prepare your garden tools for storage, and plant some colorful bulbs to enjoy in early springtime. Now that the weather is colder, trees and shrubs have become dormant, and you can transplant them safely until the ground freezes. Make sure you store your lawn mower and other gas-powered appliances with the gas tank empty, or else add a gasoline stabilizer to prevent the fuel from freezing and damaging the machine.


Project of the Month: Beyond Window Plastic

window with snow

As the weather cools down and our furnaces come on, many of us look to save money on our heating bills by covering up our windows with clear plastic. This is a good idea, but it’s far from the only thing you can do to keep heat from escaping, and it misses a lot of important places where heat can get out.  Installing and repairing weatherstripping and door sweeps, applying calk around windows and doors, and adding foam gaskets to your electrical outlets are some simple tasks that can add up to comfort in your home and savings in your heating bills.