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Advisory Council

Community Homeworks is happy to announce the formation of a new Advisory Council, to be formed in 2017.  Click for our promotional flyer, and full description.

To join the Council, fill out the application on our website HERE.

What is the Community Homeworks Advisory Council?

The Advisory Council (AC) will provide feedback and advice to Community Homeworks (CHW) from an outside perspective.  This will help CHW better understand who we serve and how we can meet community needs more effectively.

What do members do?

Members help CHW by volunteering their time, skills, and unique insights. There will be a minimum of six (6) general members plus three (3) officers of the AC: Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary. Members publicly support CHW and meet with the CHW Staff Liaison about four (4) times per year to offer community suggestions.

Time Commitment:

  • Attend four (4) meetings per year, with the possibility of additional meetings as determined by the group;
  • Respond to occasional email & phone requests for feedback and input on various items, such as research, surveys, comment letters, and other CHW activities.


  • Must be a current or past CHW client and/or education participant, or an active CHW volunteer;
  • Must be age 16 or older and live in Kalamazoo County;
  • Have a desire to serve the community and make homeownership more affordable;
  • “Play well with others” and enjoy teamwork; and
  • Submit an AC application approved by CHW staff.
  • The AC should reflect the full diversity of Kalamazoo County residents. All are welcome!

Why join?

  • Give back to the Kalamazoo community:
    • Share your personal experience and ideas to improve CHW’s ability to serve our community.
  • Guide organizational strategy:
    • Offer advice to CHW as we grow.
    • Increase CHW’s ability to achieve our mission.
  • Work with your neighbors: 
    • Team up with other community members to make a difference.
  • Join the conversation about homeownership & housing in Kalamazoo County: 
    • Be part of a meaningful discussion on how to maintain affordable homes and increase homeownership in the community.
    • Help shape the future of housing in Kalamazoo County.
  • Follow your passion: 
    • Partner with us knowing that CHW values your time and efforts.
    • CHW and the AC will work together to make the most of your unique expertise.
  • Sharpen your skills:
    • Develop your leadership & professional skills in a supportive environment.