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“Community Homeworks saved my life.”

When Brandi contacted Community Homeworks in the fall of 2012, she was looking for help with some ongoing plumbing issues in her basement. Brandi had purchased the nearly 100-year-old home earlier that summer. Because the house was old and had been neglected for many years, Brandi expected there to be problems she would have to address. And when she ran into trouble getting the plumbing work she needed done right, she found her way to Community Homeworks through the city information line 211.

BrandiWhen the technician from Community Homeworks arrived at Brandi’s house to take a look at the plumbing, he found a more complicated situation. Brandi had  been feeling sick for several days, too sick to even get out of bed to answer the door. Fortunately, her friend was able to come and let our technician in. He noticed a strange smell in the house that was even stronger in the basement and decided to investigate, starting with testing for carbon monoxide in the air.

Testing revealed carbon monoxide levels above 150 parts per million in the basement and 75 parts per million on the first floor of the house. At those levels of exposure, death can occur within 24 hours.

So where was the carbon monoxide coming from? Most often, the source is malfunctioning gas-burning appliances like furnaces and hot water heaters that aren’t properly vented. So the first step in Brandi’s house was to disable the furnace and hot water heater to stop the CO levels from rising. The next step was to figure out if anything else might be trapping the gas in the house – one possible cause that most homeowners don’t think about is a blocked chimney flue. And sure enough, our technician discovered that the chimney was completely blocked by a large bird nest as well as sand that broken off from the mortar joints.

Brandi had turned on the furnace for the first time earlier that week with the first cold snap of the season, but her illness seemed like just a coincidence. Once the furnace was off, she began to feel better almost immediately and was back to her normal self within a day or two. And Community Homeworks was able to repair the chimney, install a new chimney liner, and bring her furnace and water heater safely back into service, as well as make the plumbing repairs that brought Brandi to us.

“I’m so grateful that Community Homeworks is here in our community. There are so many people here that need this kind of help. And you can count on them to do all the work they promise and to do it right.”

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